2011 Academic Year Demands submitted to ECC

1月 7, 2011

The union is continuing its basic stance of job security, equal working conditions and opportunities, and improved conditions for all. Demands are: 1. Permanent employment status for full-time instructors. 2. Sign a collective agreement with the General Union over Special Leave. 3. Report to the union about the IC Timecard replacement fee. 4. Implement annual paid leave in hourly increments. 5. Give an 150 yen hourly increase to all instructors 6. Clarify the evaluation system. 7. Introduce a completion bonus. 8. Introduce an incentive system that reflects model lesson sign up rates and student contract renewals. 9. Pay wages for the time spent at school parties and events. 10. Provide an allowance for train travel that exceeds 45 minutes. 11. Change the current lesson observation system. 12. Give at least 15 minute preparation time for KEW classes and regular lessons. 13. Provide instructors with professional development training opportunities. 14. Improve workplace health and safety. 15. Put a link to the General Union homepage on the internal bulletin board.