2010 Academic Year Negotiations Start

1月 18, 2010

The union is continuing its basic stance from the 2009 Academic Year. 1. That ECC takes measures to implement a permanent employment system for full time instructors. 2. An across the board 100 yen/ hour increase for instructors. 3. A contract completion bonus. 4. Introduction of special paid leave for instructors. 5. That ECC explain the evaluation system in detail, and take into consideration lengthen of service and private lessons. 6. To improve the quality of lessons that appropriate preparation time be given. In principle, at least 15 minutes for all KEW, group and private lessons. 7. That the ALP lottery system be abolished in the Chubu District. 8. That all employees have access to a water fountain, a microwave oven, and a break room. 9. Provide all new hired instructors with a one-year employment contract. 10. Give at least 2 weeks notice of working times and locations for block meetings, ASMs, and buffer day shifts. 11. Provide clear evacuation procedures and training to be followed by all employees.