Are you safe at work?

Apr 4, 2011

A spate of fires nationwide prompted the union to demand that ECC ensure emergency evacuation procedures be made clear. Fatalities increase when emergency exits are not clearly marked and where there are no clear evacuation procedures.

ECC management has acknowledged that the safety of its employees and students is important, and accepted union demands for emergency evacuation maps and emergency gathering points be clearly outlined.

The union’s demands to raise safety awareness in the company have been relatively successful. From March, this year, all schools will have first aid kits, and a medical supplier has been appointed to regularly check and replace the contents. All school directors must attend company-sponsored courses on fire management.

Despite achievements, emergency evacuation procedures are still not being conveyed to all teachers. In a recent union survey, all but one school director had explained the evacuation procedures at their school.

Our sister union, National Union of General Workers- Tokyo, has reported that immediately after the March 11th earthquake the whole Kanto district was thrown into absolute chaos, with some school directors even refusing to let teachers leave the building. The General Union is extremely concerned that in an earthquake prone country, district and area managers have failed to comply with headquarter directives. The union is now demanding that ECC ensure that all workers receive proper instruction.

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