Nichibei president worried that ‘sturdy foreign men’ causing trouble near Umeda School

Mar 24, 2004

and were causing a nuisance to other people on the 23rd floor of Dai-4 Building, in particular to the ladies on the floor who were trying to get to toilets which are situated opposite the doors of the Umeda School. Obviously this was alarming news. Who were these scary people? What on earth were they doing? On closer reading, we realised that Mr Kanehisa was talking about his own employees! The fact is that 4 of our union members were lined up peacefully while on strike, saying nothing to passersby and obstructing nothing and nobody. They were not picketing or leafleting. Still, their very presence (and sturdiness) were obviously a problem for Mr Kanehisa. So why would this man hire people of such sturdiness of frame that they might scare people away from using the toilets? And had their sturdiness been a problem for over 10 years while 3 of these sturdy chaps were helping to fill Nichibei’s coffers? And how could a man of 66 kilogrammes, 178 cms tall, and a waistline of around 80 cms seriously be called sturdy? Come on Mr K! Admit it, you just can’t bear the fact that your employees are on strike and that other people on the 23rd floor can see it.