ECC – The Issues

6月 24, 2008

Increases are totally arbitrary. ECC teachers are being left behind, GABA teachers recently got a 100-200 yen increase per lesson. ECC’s major competitor, AEON pays 270,000 for first year employees. How does your salary compare? Higher exchange rates, rising oil costs, rising rents and domestic inflation now mean that our salaries are buying even less. ECC increased tuition this April based on inflation, isn’t it time that all teachers received an across the board increase. Are you happy with the ECC training system? More and more teachers are contacting the General Union regarding the hourly training rate, and forced overtime outside of the hours stipulated in their employment contracts. The General Union’s solution is quite simple, conduct all training during regular working hours or pay the regular teaching rate stated in your contract. Click here for more on training pay. The other issues

  • Win unlimited term contracts and abolish one year contracts.
  • Increased job security with chance of promotion to permanent employee status.
  • Special Leave for all employees.
  • Increase lesson organization time and ensure a minimum of 15 minutes prep time for all non FTL lessons
  • Create a transparent and fairer pay increase system.
  • Job security for all part-time staff.