Jun 21, 2008


252,000 yen per month 270,000
2 weeks initial training paid at 1000 yen per hour The teacher receives one week or more of paid training in Japan. Accommodations during the training period are provided at company expense.
1000yen training pay rate Training within regular working hours
Overtime rate for 29.5 hours 3,000 yen per hour after 25 hours of teaching a week.
Arranged A furnished, rent-subsidized, single-occupant apartment is provided. The key money and deposits are paid by AEON.
Teachers on 29.5 hour contracts can be enrolled if they agree to work 30 hours per week Shakai Hoken provided
Return airfare not provided Return airfare not provided
No bonus A one time cash bonus is provided upon completion of the final contract as follows: After completing one year: 80,000 yen After 1 year and 6 months: 120,000 yen After 2 years or more: 160,000 yen
Paid holidays Paid holidays Three one-week vacations and Japanese national holidays, some of which may fall within vacation periods. Five paid personal days-off a year.


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