Private School Union Members Yearly Survey Results!

9月 26, 2023 ,

The Private Schools Branch has continued the yearly tradition of having the members take a survey to understand our members’ work conditions and what issues need to be addressed. We had a great turnout and feel that the results truly represent our branch.

Our Branch’s Successes

We were delighted to see that most of our eligible members are now on unlimited term contracts thanks to our previous campaigns! Also, the increasing interest in becoming an active or semi-active member in the branch brings hope that our branch will thrive in the future.

Our Responses

As we examined the data, we personally reached out to our members who have had an issue at the workplace to offer support for any issues they face. This has allowed members to get started on tackling the issues they face with our support. We have also contacted any members who felt that their issue wasn’t resolved to see how we could improve. We were content with the replies we received and will do our best to incorporate the useful advice.

Our Future Plans

As we would like to make this year a great one, we were also sure to ask what topics our members would be most interested in learning about. From the results, we plan to host seminars on issues such as Overwork in Private School, Unlimited Term Contracts and ICT in classrooms. We hope that we will see great participation and our members will continue to find the resources we provide to be of great value.

Working in a private school? Have questions about unlimited term contracts or a problem at work? Reach out to us for a consultation.