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The General Union is a legally registered labour/trade union, part of the Japanese labour union movement, and we are open to workers of any category or nationality. Since it was founded in 1991, our union has established a solid reputation for protecting its members' rights and improving their working conditions. We are workers like you who have joined together to protect our livelihoods and rights as workers. As a union, we are able to provide our members advice on workplace issues, and we actively help our members to organize and negotiate in their workplaces. read more about us ゼネラルユニオンは,日本語での労働相談も行っています.日本語ページはこちら

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The Great GU Wage Survey

In order to gain a better understandi more

Time for a pay rise! Open Seminars - All Welcome!

Osaka: Sunday, October 19 from 2pm (branc more

Strike wins Pay Raise, Lump Sum Payment at ECC

After months of negotiations with ECC more



厚生年金法や健保法では、労働時間等での制限がなく、誰でも加入できるハズなのに、「週30時間が加入要件」だとした法的根拠のない慣行が横行していることである。これは1980年当時の、旧社保庁の more

The battle at Kansai Gaidai: GU wins continuing employment for members

Kansai University of Foreign Studies (Kansai Gaidai) in Hirakata city employs full-time "visiting professors" on one year renewable contracts with a five-year limit. However, the university administra more

A Christmas for Everyone - Updated - 23 Aug 2014 - english - Gaba

Play Nicely Gaba Christmas is for everyone. It may seem a little early to write about Christmas now, but at this time in 2013 Gaba Corporation were planning last year’s company Christmas party. Unfortunately, more

Minerva Language Institute Labour Commission Case Settled - 12 Aug 2014 - english - ALTs

On March 18, 2014, the union lodged an unfair labour practice case against Minerva Language Institute (Minerva) for failing to negotiate, at the Osaka Labour Relations Commission. On July 23, 2014, more

Shimbashi LS Evacuation Poster Updated - 27 Jul 2014 - english - Gaba

At negotiations last week the General Union Gaba Branch asked the company a number of questions about emergency preparations, and showed a photo of the evacuation procedure poster in Shimbashi Learnin more

Union asks Gaba to improve poor safety preparations - 24 Jul 2014 - english - Gaba

On March 11th, 2011 the fifth biggest earthquake ever recorded occurred east of Tohoku. Nearly 16,000 people died, over 2,600 are still missing and almost 130,000 buildings totally collapsed. Inst more

Fairness in the workplace - A Berlitz story - 23 Jul 2014 - english - Berlitz

Disciplinary procedures and student complaints can cause a lot of stress for many teachers. Teachers are sent into a room alone to face people who are in a position of power and often feel bullied int more

Panasonic Excel, “We don’t sign collective agreements with minority unions.” - 16 Jul 2014 - english - Matsushita Excel

What arrogance! And with this the company wanted us just to have a “gentlemen's agreement” in regards to consulting the union BEFORE changes are made to members' working conditions. For many ye more

Sexual Harassment at Gaba Corporation in the news - 23 Jun 2014 - english - Gaba

Standard - Sexual Harassment Last week the Japan Times published an article dealing with the issue of sexual harassment at Gaba Corporation, a subsidiary of Nichii Gakkan. It featured interviews with a number of Gaba instructors more

ECC Teachers Strike: Pay Freeze NO! Pay Raise YES! - 3 Jun 2014 - english - ECC

After several rounds of Collective Bargaining with ECC, members in Chubu and Kansai were left with no option but to start industrial action and strike on Saturday, May 31st. The union had been negotia more

ドタキャン閉講を規制。非常勤講師が休業手当【労基法26条】獲得。GU won the absence allowance for cancellation of part-time classes after the term started, for low enrollment - 18 May 2014 - bilingual - Universities

「学生の申込が少ない」等の、ドタキャン閉講は、学校の責任。 ゼネラルユニオンが、非常勤講師の休業手当【労基法26条】を支払わせる  非常勤講師の不安定雇用が問題になる中、ゼネラルユニオンは、「来年度契約変更の場合は、今年度の早い時期に、ゼネラルユニオン及び組合員講師と協議する」との事前協議制を、大阪工業大・聖母女学園などとルール化してきた。  一方、契約開始後も、「学生のコース申込 more

Berlitz teachers demand to be paid for all work - 13 May 2014 - english - Berlitz more

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